Holiday in Neil Island: 3 Things You Must Do

After hours of surfing through the travel websites, and getting an eyeful of bright hd pictures of trending holiday locations, you somehow manage to pick a different but new vacation spot – Neil Island, to celebrate few days off from the tiring and stressful daily routine. But what bothers most, is the thought – what are we going to do there? Obviously, you don’t just book a cheap beach hotel in Neil Island to spend all the holidays in the bed and ordering room service, Do you? So, to save you from the trouble of planning and thinking, we will leave some hints with a list of fun activities you can indulge – in while holidaying in Andaman and Nicobars’ Neil Island.

Beach Hotel in Neil Island
  • Sightseeing – starting with the most obvious – sightseeing. Spend some quality time wandering on the beautiful beaches and drink in the tranquility the white sand and sky waters.
  • Scuba Diving – leave your worries and conscious efforts on the beach and just jump in the deep waters to scuba dive. Marvel nature’s amazing sea life and interact with amazing creatures. Even the cheap beach resorts in Neil Island provide scuba diving packages with professional guidance and support.
  • Cycling – Paddle your way through the Neil Island and enjoy the fantastic view. The island is not too large in the landscape dimensions, so you can divide the cycling sessions to two days and travel the complete island.


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